Millions of people are financially stressed due to ever higher housing costs. Perhaps due to college or other debts they may not qualify to buy a home or afford a rental in a nice area. Many adult children are forced to move back to their parents. Sharing a home or apartment is often the best solution - not only in America but also in Europe and other countries.
We are seeing a fast growing Sharing Economy (Uber & AirBnB are well-known examples). Ever more Singles and Seniors are now Cohabiting or are seeking compatible roommates.

        Roommates with Benefits:

Just think of the many advantages when a carefully selected housemate, roommate or partner helps to pay part of the mortgage/rent and utility costs, and slashing TV/cable bills in half. Especially single and widowed people may feel more secure with a housemate. Single parents with young children could take turns to watch the kids, thus freeing them to find better-paying jobs. The elderly may find a skilled housemate who can help with home repairs, lawn-care and/or shopping in return for reduced rent, just to name some of the potential benefits. Often housemates become good friends or even intimate partners! No More Loneliness.

There is an ever greater need for an informative type website with tips, helpful articles, blogs and useful checklists on how to make SharingaHome work; how to avoid common pitfalls and minimize or solve compatibility problems. There could be invaluable advice on how to screen potential roommates, obtain credit reports and links to other good Roommate websites, suggested legal forms, listings of realtors, lawyers, State laws, etc.

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