Sharing a Home: Some Considerations & Compatibility Tips

After an amiable divorce, but now paying for two homes (plus child support), I needed a reliable House-Mate for several reasons: I traveled a lot, often for weeks or longer. A compatible Roommate to take in the mail, making sure bills got paid, the lawn mowed, etc. An occupied home is also a safer one! Sharing some expenses, like utility and cable TV bills and some upkeep chores would helpful. I also found Living Alone was lonely! Someone to talk with or watching TV together would be nice.

       Difficult Decisions: A Penthouse Centerfold Model’or the Office Manager’'?

Perhaps it was the lack of affordable rentals in my area, and/or because my new home had a separate guest suite and indoor pool, my “Share a Home” ad for a ‘Non-Smoker’ in the local newspaper brought a flood of calls. It was difficult to decide on just one.

One of the first callers told me she was that month’s ‘Penthouse Centerfold’ model, a famous Men’s magazine. She sounded nice. (Well, I bought the issue – and indeed, she looked gorgeous – even without any clothes.) But she also mentioned, she would sometimes be away for various promotional events by her agency. For a single-again male in his 40s, it was tempting. (But what would my ex-wife and children think – also entered my mind.)

After meeting and discussing our mutual situations, financial and other important details with several other single women and men I offered the space to a divorced woman who managed a nearby office. Her employment was easy to verify. Yes, she could help with my mail and paperwork. I had walked her back to her car and the inside looked very clean and tidy, one test I had read about. If it did not work out - or our situations changed - she could move back to her mother’s apartment. We shared well until she took a better job in NYC and had to move.

            Short RoomMates Newspaper ads or Online Listings Are Only a Start

In 20 years of Sharing a Home with several other singles I gained a wealth of information on what makes sharing successful, mutually beneficial, and how to avoid or cope with minor or even major problems (such as illness).

During this time, I also started the first and most successful TravelCompanions Match-up service and ran it for 20 years, until retiring. It, and/or my travel newsletter TravelCompanions were featured in hundreds of newspapers, like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc. (even the Front Page of The Los Angeles Times syndicated travel section, most travel magazines, many travel books and nationwide TV News programs. (Read about ‘Travel Companion Exchange’ in Wikipedia)

Compatibility and getting-along issues when traveling with a companion are often similar to those arising when sharing a room, home or small apartment. I learned so much from the tens of thousands of letters and phone calls during those TravelCompanions business years. Countless members later married their travel partners. I had designed a Compatibility Profile  – even in those pre-App days. & Domains are 4 Sale

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Great opportunities for those already in the Roommate, Online Travel Booking or Sharing Economy Field or StartUps developing new or better Apps or Websites in these most popular fields worldwide. The need to share housing is greater than ever and growing fast and the many benefits can be so great.

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